Yogurt jar basket

To give things a second life in our time has become very fashionable. After all, why throw in the trash what can be a useful thing. A jar of yogurt can also be a great souvenir if you make a basket out of it with a fabric. In this basket you can store useful things, and it will be a worthy decoration of your souvenir shelf. And you can put a small and useful thing and give a basket to a loved one. Then the gift will acquire additional value, because your soul will be invested in it. Materials for making baskets:
  • - Oval can of yogurt;
  • - Fabric for finishing;
  • - A piece of lace or ribbons for decoration;
  • - Wire for a handle;
  • - Glue (you can take any, but with hot it is more convenient to work, and work will go faster);
  • - Scissors;
  • - Ruler;
  • - A simple pencil;
  • - Medical white adhesive plaster (masking tape can be used);
  • - Wastecardboard is a small piece.
Basket from a jar of yogurt
Making a basket: 1. Cut the wire of the desired length. It is better that it be at least 24 cm.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
2. Carefully, in order not to damage the plastic, make recesses with a scissors in the rim of the can in order to insert a handle there.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
3. In these recesses place the wire and fix on the sides of the can with adhesive plaster or paint tape. To keep the handle for sure, you can drop glue in the gap between the wall and the adhesive plaster.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
Basket of a jar of yogurt
4. Wrap the basket handle with a ribbon or a thin strip of fabric, which is planned to finish the basket. Fix the edges of the fabric strip with adhesive.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
5. Cut around the bottom of the jar on a piece of cardboard, cut. The same oval, only with edging +1 - 1.5 cm, cut from the fabric.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
6. Along the edge of the fabric, make incisions with the rays. These rays need to be glued to the cardboard one by one.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
7. Then, stretching the fabric to avoid irregularities, glue the remaining rays. This will be the bottom of the basket.
Basket from a jar of yogurtBasket of a jar of yogurt 8. A piece of tissue of the right size (such that it covers the inner walls of the can and is fastened to the rim of the can) is placed on the bottom of the jar, and the folds are distributed. On the bottom made for the basket from the bottom, apply glue, insert the bottom in the basket and press it to the bottom of the jar. Basket of a jar of yogurt 9. Drap the fabric and secure it with glue on the rim of the can, trim it at the edges. The interior finish of the basket is ready! Basket of a jar of yogurt 10. Almost the same finish exterior. The fabric must be of such size that the walls of the can be closed to it.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
11.Form folds of fabric, fasten glue on top of the jar under the rim, cut off the excess fabric at the edges.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
12. Lace (or ribbon) with glue to fasten around the rim of the jar.
Basket of a jar of yogurt
13. Cut three thin strips of fabric, weave a pigtail from them. Attach a pigtail in a circle on the rim of the can on top of the lace so that it hides the seam between the inner and outer fabric trim.

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