Wooden icons

Badges for clothes appeared quite a long time ago. In primitive society, they were insignia made of stones, feathers, animal tusks and bones. Now many who can see these accessories on jackets, backpacks, baseball caps, bags, etc. as decorations. Icons can be anything you want: logos of computer games, sports teams, cartoon characters and films, various signs of attention. They can be a great gift for any holiday or product for sale. Now I will show how you can make absolutely any icon from a tree.
Wooden icons
Wooden icons

For making icons, we will need:

  • Plywood (you can ask your friends or search at home).
  • Any image for the icon.
  • Pin.
  • Handheld jigsaw with thin files.
  • Files and Needle Files.
  • Stationery Knife.
  • Burner.
  • Glue (“Super Glue” or “Cosmofen ").
  • Paints and brushes.
  • TransparentVarnish
  • Fine sandpaper.
Wooden icons
1. Draw your badge on plywood. Draw clearly, otherwise the contour will not be visible when cutting, and the icon will turn out to be curved.
Wooden icons
2. We take a manual jigsaw and begin to cut the icon on the contour. If you have holes in the badge, you can drill it with a drill or brace, and then insert the jigsaw file into this hole and continue cutting.
Icons from the tree
3. After cutting our badge may seem uneven. Fix it with files and files. Also do not forget to remove the chamfer - to polish the corners of the icon. Now, with fine sandpaper, the skins face up so that the surface is smooth and the paint goes better.
Wooden icons
4. On the back of the badge, you need to cut a hole with a stationery knife, so that the pin subsequently entered this hole, and the fixture of the badge and pin was stronger.
Wooden icons
5.If you wish, you can make outlines on the icon using the burner so that it looks more volumetric.
Wooden icons
6. We glue the pin on the opposite side of the icon so that its part goes into the hole made earlier.
Wood icons
7. When the glue is dry enough, you can start painting the badge. We paint with gouache or acrylic paints. Do not forget to paint the edges, in some cases it is better to paint them black or the color of the whole icon.
Wooden icons
8. And the final stage of manufacturing the badge is varnishing. This can be done, as well as the usual transparent nail polish, and special. It is imperative that the varnish be water resistant, otherwise in some circumstances it can simply be washed off with paint.

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