Why snot?

Almost all people are subject to various colds, which are certainly accompanied by unpleasant nasal discharge, in other words - snot. Many are interested in the question of why snot is formed in the nasal cavity and what is their purpose. Let's try to understand the cause and features of the formation of snot.

Nasal mucus: destination

Snot is a special mucus produced by the nasal mucosa to protect the body from harmful bacteria and microorganisms. These secretions are usually a consequence of rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane).

Even in the normal state of the body, the production of snot occurs, only in small quantities. They are needed to ensure that the surface of the nasal sinuses does not dry out or become clogged with dust particles or foreign microorganisms.

With colds, the amount of mucous secretions increases. This is due to the fact that anti-virus bactericidal properties weaken, or even lost altogether. Therefore, the mucus needs to be constantly updated.So it turns out that from the nose constantly goes an endless stream of snot. The more viruses and bacteria, the more mucus will be excreted by the body.

From the nasal sinuses out already used substance unfit for the body, and in its stead is produced a new one.

Composition of nasal mucus

The nozzles consist of water, salt, and mucin glycoprotein (protein). The density of secretions depends on the concentration of mucin. This component has bactericidal properties and destroys dangerous viruses.

Why do snot appear

  • In 9 out of 10 cases, overcooling becomes the cause of snot. It undermines the immune system and allows various viruses to firmly consolidate on the nasal mucosa, where they are actively reproducing and spreading. The organism reacts to this fact by active release of snot.
  • In other cases, the cause is a reaction to the allergen. In case of an allergic reaction, a special mucus acts simply as a protection for the mucous membrane, as if covering and washing out all the irritating particles. As soon as the allergen disappears, the snot disappears.
  • And the most rare cases: when some mechanical damage (wound) appears in the nose, the snot envelops it for the fastest healing and destruction of the infection.

Having determined the cause of the appearance of snot, it will be easier for you to get rid of them by taking special preparations or eliminating malevolent stimuli.

Green color snot

Nasal discharge may have a different color: yellow, brown, green or transparent. It is for this color, you can determine the degree of neglect of the disease.

Initially, the snot is clear and rather liquid. But green is a signal that the disease has long been progressing. Isolation of such snot in a child or an adult can be one of a sign of bronchitis or pneumonia.

This color is due to the fact that neutrophils die in the fight against bacterial infection. It is the decay products of microorganisms and neutrophils that give the green color of the nasal mucus.

The green mucus secreted from the nose indicates that your body is actively fighting the virus and needs to help it as much as possible, namely to be constantly warm, eat as much warm liquid as possible and eat foods rich in vitamins.

Most often, green snot occur in children and mostly in the autumn-winter period, when immunity is weakened and adverse weather conditions are raging outside.Such discharges appear if you did not cope with the disease at its initial stage, when the mucus was still clear.

Green snot accompanied by swelling of the nasopharynx and nasal congestion. But if the disease is not stopped at this stage, then it threatens with inflammation of the middle ear and the defeat of the maxillary sinuses (sinusitis).

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