Where to order logo design for a construction company and a restaurant site

A logo is one of the most important fashion items for any company as a whole. The presence of a competent and thoughtful logo makes the brand recognizable. This image will invariably cause the consumer to associate with the brand. It is important to fulfill such a significant mission as logo development, to hire a designer who understands what he needs to do and create a memorable and high-quality logo.

Why logo design is so important for a site

The logo is the face of the company. Thinking about the company, the client will not remember the color of the wallpaper or the shape of the chairs; there must be a strong associative link in his mind that will work as soon as he hears the name of the company, regardless of context. Therefore, the logo should be clear and each line should remind about a particular company.Therefore, such an image solution, like logo design, should be approached very seriously.

Logo features for construction companies and restaurants

The logo for construction companies should have the following features:

  • presence of special characters - there must be a symbol on the logo of the construction company that underlines the type of the company's activity;
  • association with reliability - there should be an element on the logo of the construction company that personifies the reliability of the company;
  • color scheme - color should also associate the company with its field of activity, for example, designers often use the yellow tint of special equipment that you will always see on the construction site.

With restaurants, the situation is similar - the logo should briefly tell all about this place to a person who will cast a glance at him. The logo must include associations with:

  • type of service - will it be fast food with takeaway products or a serious institution, all this should be easy to read on the logo;
  • type of cuisine - an element of the "nationality" of the kitchen should also be present on the logo
  • price level - low price of products or its elitism, respectively, high cost, should also be easily read on the sign.

What to look for when ordering a logo

When ordering a logo, it is important to remember one thing - it is not always the vision of the client that will look like what the designer represents. Therefore, when describing your wishes, you need to formulate your wishes clearly. What factors should pay attention to when ordering a logo:

  • portfolio with examples of work;
  • a figurative component of logos;
  • minimalism
  • the ability to scale the logo;
  • Typographic component.

Why it’s better to order a logo on Freelancehunt

The most popular option with customers is to contact a design firm. But in most cases, the customer significantly overcharges. Freelancehunt is the best alternative. The site has the opportunity to see the portfolio of nearly 4,000 specialists. And the most important thing is that you can choose a designer on a competitive basis or make an open project and choose a designer from those who will respond to the offer. The guarantee that the work will be completed on time and with high quality is the Safe service. This will reduce all possible risks and help not to lose money.

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