Where to go to meet the New Year

Meeting the new year in Europe is perfect for romantics, because you can visit the country you just dreamed of. And before that you can stroll through the Christmas markets, drink hot wine with spices, enjoy Christmas shows and nativity scenes, sit in cozy cafes, go to world-famous theaters.
The streets and windows of European cities decorated with colorful lanterns will remain in your memory for a long time. If desired, you can combine a trip to Europe with a ski vacation. If you have long wanted to learn skiing, but for some reason did not work out, go to Andorra, there are many trails for beginners, good instructors and not the highest prices.
For those who want to celebrate Christmas, New Year and at the same time lie on the beach, Tenerife is an ideal holiday destination. On this island there are a lot of luxurious and comfortable hotels where you can relax with your whole family, go on a honeymoon or live in a peaceful paradise of solitude.
However, if you want a more exotic holiday, you can go to the small island of the Canary archipelago called La Graciosa. You can get on it by ferry or helicopter. There are several nice hotels and restaurants on a tiny island. Here you can go diving or snorkeling.
And lovers of the exotic can fly to Thailand, they do not celebrate Christmas there, but in the New Year there are large-scale discos and processions. In addition, in the "land of smiles" you can arrange for yourself an unusual New Year - raft on the river or go to the mountains. Although you can just lie on the beach, try out the unusual Thai cuisine and plenty to relax in the many clubs.
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Helpful advice
If you are going to a country for which you need a visa, do it in advance, you will save time, money and money, and the trip will not be canceled at the last moment due to unavailable documents.

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