What you need to run

To start running, you need to choose the time that you will have regularly free at least 5 days a week. Jogging should be your system. Therefore, select the time and go for a jog every day at this hour.
The next step is equipment. Choose a lightweight tracksuit, jogging shoes or sneakers. It is necessary to run only in a comfortable and preferably in fitting clothes. You should not take a lot of unnecessary things with you for a run, otherwise they will impede movement. No little things in your pockets and of course no phones.
On the most jogging you most importantly set the desired rhythm for running. No need to rush: you will expire prematurely. You should not even go a step - then there will be no result from your run.
After class, be sure to drink more water - it is extremely necessary for your body. Without replenishing the fluid balance in your body, your body will eventually get tired of training faster.

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