What you need to know about rodent care

Cages for rodentsneed to equip properly, that is, so that the animal felt, being in it well, comfortable. To do this, you need to know a little about the specific life of a particular animal in the wild. It is necessary to choose the correct distance between the bars of the cage so that your little boy does not slip away from his abode. Because it can end badly both for you and for him. After all, rodents and got such a name due to the fact that they love to gnaw everything. A hamster who has run out can rehash your bed, carpets, gnaw through wires and nothing much to do that will cause you damage. In addition, it is often the case that, having run away from the cage, the hamster no longer returns and dies somewhere under the floor. Well, naturally, you understand what it is fraught with ... precisely for such purposes, it is better to purchase a special rodent cage, for example, made of plastic or very thick rods.

It is also necessary to choose the rightrodent food, which is made separately for each animal species. After all, some animals need only vegetables and fruits, and some need more nutritious food, such as meat. You can include simple homemade food in the pet's diet, that is, bread, boiled chicken meat, cereals, vegetables, corn and so on, and you can buy ready-made protein-vitaminized mixtures. Specialized stores sell a lot of different types of feed, designed separately for each type of animal. In such feed there is everything necessary for the proper metabolism and normal functioning of such fluffy cute creatures like rodents. When an animal eats properly, then it leads an active lifestyle, feels cheerful and ready for new “feats”.

In order for your little creature not to break so strongly into freedom, it is better to equip the cage so that the animal is busy all day long. Thus, he will be able to throw out all his energy, which has accumulated as a result of the consumption of fortified foods and good sleep.You can install in the cagewheels for hamsters, in which such animals love to frolic. But when choosing such devices it is necessary to pay special attention to the openings in the wheel, because the foot can get stuck in them and the baby can damage it at high speed. It is also worth ensuring that the rodent is not strongly bent at the wheel, because this can lead to severe back injury. When choosing such entertainment just look at how similar animals behave in such wheels.

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