What to watch instead of "Game of Thrones"? Western World Series trailer

The next season of the “Game of Thrones” series ends, and there is no replacement for it as it was. Another hope is the new big project of the HBO channel called “The Western World”, which is filmed under the heading of perfect secrecy. Well, the first trailer of the series appeared on the web - let's see what is interesting there? Immediately, we note that there are no walkers and dragons, but they promise human-like robots and Judgment Day, when they get out of control and rebel against humanity. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Ben Barnes, Evan Rachel Wood and Tandy Newton. Behind the camera are JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan. Hopefully, is not it?

And finally, before you hit play: the series has not yet had time to go out (premiere in the fall), but it has already caused a scandal - the crowd actors complained about the abundance of bed scenes. In the first trailer of this, however, is not visible. We'll have to wait until October.

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