What to look for when accepting an apartment in a new building (rough finish)

Apartments in new buildings are in high demand due to a noticeably lower price at the stage of construction, so most of us need to know what to look for when accepting an apartment in a new building after construction is completed and the house is rented.

The most accessible are apartments with a so-called rough finish, that is, without plumbing, with walls that still need to be plastered and painted or glued to them with wallpaper, black floors requiring laminate, tile or other covering. And still need to buy and put the door, bath, etc. Therefore, if a rough finish was provided for in your equity agreement, then you should expect that there will be no beauty in the apartment, because you are buying something called “walls”.

Be sure to check the basic communications, such as:

1.Electricity. A meter must be installed, there must be voltage at the outlets (or at the terminals in the apartment). In order to check the voltage, it is easiest to take along a household tester or a light bulb with two wires soldered to it.

2. Ventilation can be checked by bringing a feather to the mine.

3. Heating. Pipes should be laid carefully, they should not be cracked, dents.

4. Windows. Today, windows are usually installed on the windows, so just pay attention to the fact that the windows close well and tightly, there was accessories, they did not show through from the windows.

5. Water supply, water disposal, sewage, gas. Check the pipes; there should be no cracks on them and around them; there should be no dampness around the pipes through which water flows. Counters must be installed. Everything must be securely fastened.

6. Actually the walls, as well as the floor and ceiling. Joints and large cracks should be smeared, there should be no wet spots. Everything should be flat, respectively, horizontal and vertical.

Only if all of the above works, you can sign the act of acceptance. Now you have a big repair ahead.

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