What should be the decoration of the children's room

The surrounding space plays a significant role in the development of the child's personality. You can spend as much time on reading fairytales, developing games, communication and joint work with parents, but if the walls in the children's room are boring and dull, then this is a big minus in shaping a harmoniously developed personality.

Do not go to the other extreme - the purchase of excessively bright and multicolored wallpaper to put pressure on the child's psyche. Ideally, you need to stick to the golden mean - nothing boring in design, but also without excessive fanaticism in colors and patterns.

An important factor - environmental friendliness and safety of finishing materials. The ceiling tile from polyfoam is cheap and practical, but it is not the best option from the point of view of fire safety and release of harmful chemicals. It will be much better if you paint the ceiling with water-based paint in the color of the sky - quickly, beautifully, inexpensively and completely harmless.

As for the floor, then in the nursery it is best to make it out of cork, if funds allow. Firstly, it is the purest natural material. Secondly, cork panels have excellent thermal insulation, with such a floor you can not be afraid of children's colds. And finally, by virtue of its soft elasticity, cork floors prevent injuries during active play of the child. Agree, one thing to fall and hit the back of the head on a hard laminate, and quite another - to land on a soft tube.

Currently, you can find a variety of decorative materials for the walls. Many of them are ideal for decorating the walls of a child’s room. The easiest and most affordable option is to buy a roller with a relief pattern and apply decorations to the wall with additional paint. An ornament can be any - geometric shapes, plants, animal figures, fairy tale characters. This approach to the design of the child is much more useful for the development of the child's imagination, rather than applying the usual applications with the characters from the cartoons.

As the child grows up, the design of the walls in the nursery needs to be changed. If at preschool and younger school age fabulous and animated heroes are appropriate,then in the older age, a more strict and "adult" technology of wall finishing with decorative plaster will be more appropriate.

With the help of this finishing material you can realize any fantasy and designs of the designer. Underwater kingdom, endless prairies, ancient cities - this and much more will come to life in the children's room. The joint choice of the option of decorating the walls in the nursery is an excellent opportunity to introduce the child to the styles directions in the design, which will make it taste and instill a sense of beauty.

Joint work in finishing the room is of great educational importance. A child does not have to take part in complex and sometimes unhealthy processes. But some operations, for example, gluing paint tape, brushing the contours of future applications, interspersed with decorative plaster of small shells and stones, it is quite possible. In the future, he will certainly be more careful about finishing, in which he is directly involved.

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