What material is best for an interior door?

interior doors

When the time comes for repair or the construction of a new house is completed, the question arises of installing interior doors. There is no shortage of models now, and therefore any store will offer a variety of types for apartments and houses - for example, the official website of the Elegante Doors. And on how much the right choice will be, to a large extent will depend on the comfort in your home, the design of the room and the overall mood of the inhabitants of the dwelling.

You need to know that door designs differ not only in appearance but also in material. For example, interior doors Zdor http://dverielegante.ru/tag/brand2/mezhkomnatnye-dveri-zadoor are made of several modern materials, each of which adds to a product or other possibilities. To later not regret the wrong choice, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of the use of models from this or that material.After all, the choice should be determined not only by appearance, which, of course, is also important. It is necessary to take into account the functional component, and operating conditions, and interior features.

Plastic or wood?

Mostly plastic and wood have become common today, it is from them that manufacturers (in particular, door manufacturer Zadoor) make interior doors Zador and other brands of doors.

Distinctive features of plastic doors

The unconditional advantages of plastic models come from the capabilities of the material itself. They have several advantages:

  • not afraid of exposure to the environment;
  • unpretentious care;
  • not afraid of high humidity, and therefore they are good to install in bathrooms, in the kitchen and in other "wet" places;
  • modern plastic materials do not emit harmful substances when burning, and generally they are distinguished by relative fire safety;
  • have high soundproofing capabilities and thermal insulation properties.

Door Catalog Zedor contains a large selection of plastic door designs of the most modern types.

Disadvantages of plastic structures

A significant drawback of such structures is the relatively low durability. Such a model is afraid of blows and is not very durable. In addition, this material accumulates static electricity and therefore can attract dust. It does not belong to the category of environmentally friendly, although such models do not have any foreign odors.

Wooden doors

The best choice is wood door designs. They are perfect for interior rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries. This tree is eco-friendly, it looks noble, quite durable. Wood has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and generally “breathe”. It is also customary to include veneered products made of pine carcass with fiberboard and to the top are covered with veneer. Such models are not so noble and original in design, but cheaper.

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