What is a stop?

Andrey Kim
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What is a stop?

The word "stop" is a term with multiple meanings. We will understand what a stop is in each of the meanings of a given term.

Foot as part of the body

Probably, most often the word "foot" we have to hear in the meaning - part of the body, the lower part of the lower limb. The scientific definition of a word in this sense is as follows - the distal part of the limb of stop-walking tetrapods, which is a set, which is in direct contact with the ground and serves as a support for standing and moving.

The foot has a vaulted design with a mass of joints that allow it to be flexible and resilient. Interestingly, there are 52 bones in the foot, with a total of 206 in the human body. Thus, one fourth of all human bones are in the foot.

If your feet hurt, read the article How to treat a foot.

Foot as part of the poem

The foot is also called the structural unit of a verse; it is a group of syllables that is combined and distinguished by ict, the rhythmic accent of the poem, which denotes its unique structure.There are simple and complex stops, the first are two-and three-syllable feet, the second - four-and five-syllable. In Russian versification, the following stops are distinguished - trochee, iambic, dactyl, amphibrach and anapaest.

Monet foot

A coin foot, and often just a foot, is the exact number of coins of the same denomination, which can be minted from a certain amount of a metal unit. This is a numismatic term.

Foot as a unit

Earlier in Russia, the foot was called the unit of measurement, which was used to count the writing paper, as well as a measure of length and volume. 1 foot was equal to 480 sheets of paper, 1 metric foot - 1000 sheets. As a unit of foot length, it was equal to 28.8 centimeters, as a unit of volume - 1/20 of a bucket.

Today, we often call a stack of paper.

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