What is rapport?

Svetlana Noskova
Svetlana Noskova
January 30, 2013
What is rapport?

Rapport is a fairly common definition used in various areas of activity. Such a concept is used in knitting, psychology, art.

Rapport knitting

What is rapport in knitting? In simple words, this is a multiple repetitive part of a pattern or pattern. It is horizontal and vertical, and for each pattern has its own number of loops. On charts, most often rapport is indicated by arrows or square brackets, and the beginning or end is asterisks. Rapport in knitting is the calculation of loops and it is necessary to do it, regardless of the data presented in the journal. This is explained by the fact that each needlewoman has her own accent and rapport each will have her own. To calculate the loops, a test sample is usually knitted from the same yarn and the same knitting needles.

Rapport in psychology

What is rapport in psychology? This term in psychology means trusting interaction and the creation of something in common between two or several people.If people are close and there is a good relationship between them, it can be assumed that there is rapport between them. Rapport in psychology can be of different levels, it all depends on the duration and depth of interaction between people. Rapport is a special atmosphere of trust, mutual aid and sympathy. If rapport is good, then it is possible to reversely receive similar feelings.

Rapport is the first and very important part of psychotherapy. To install it takes a different amount of time, but it is always the job of setting up communication between people.

Rapport in art

Rapport in art is a repetitive part of the design, which is most often performed on fabric, carpet, embroidery, wallpaper, and ceramics. Most often used is rapport in creating all sorts of drawings, ornaments, motifs. It can be of different size from 1.5 to 45 cm. A larger rapport requires additional consumption of the web, at least by its size. The repeating motif, be it a flower, a berry, or any other object, can all be called rapport.

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