What is quilling?

Alena Bondar
Alena Bondar
March 28, 2013
What is quilling?

Today, more and more valuable products are made with their own hands. Popular handicrafts such as knitting, drawing and embroidery are popular. Currently, one of the most common and interesting activities is quilling, which took its name from abroad. Here this lesson is known as the paperbinding technique.

What is quilling and how to learn it

The first important question is what quilling is. This technique is a type of paper crafts, which are not difficult and easy to perform, and also do not require a large investment of time. Anyone willing and interested can learn to learn quilling, without applying special forces. In quilling, footers are created from a specially twisted paper. In order to start a quilling lesson does not require a special place to work and any tools specifically made for this purpose or purchased in a specialized store.

All that is needed for quilling are some of the available materials and accessories, the list of which includes:

  • Paper strips having a 1-, 2-, 3- or 6-centimeter width.
  • The tool used to tighten the tapes. Such a device can be, as bought in a store that sells handicraft goods, in the form of a typewriter or made with one's own hands from a wooden stick and a tapestry needle with a large eyelet.
  • Tweezers with a flat tip and designed to hold a paper blank in the process of gluing it to cardboard paper.
  • Scissors of sufficient sharpness and small size.
  • Instruments for measuring the length of the tape in the form of a ruler and a centimeter.
  • Glue and toothpicks to facilitate the process of its application to the workpiece.
  • Color and white cardboard paper.
  • Stencil with circles of different diameters used for blanks.

If the quilling lesson came to your liking, then it is much easier and more convenient to purchase ready-made kits containing all the necessary tools for this type of needlework.

How and what can be done from quilling

Quilling is a certain kind of art, having mastered which you can create unique and beautiful accessories and decorations. All that can be done from quilling is exclusive and can be an unusual gift or product for sale.The availability of skills and experience depends on the complexity of the paper product. Looks very nice basket, designed to store candy, or other favorite sweets, a box in which you can put any jewelry. For beginners, there are also a variety of ideas, like creating interesting pictures by sticking separately made colors. For the development of this craft, you can refer to the video materials posted on the world wide web, there are also a couple of good tutorials that you can purchase with a great desire in a bookstore.

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