What interesting things can you give to your brother's birthday?

The relationship between a sister and a brother can be completely different. We are, of course, brought up so that we should love and respect all our relatives. But, with the brother all occurs absolutely under other scenario.

More precisely, they are two: according to the first, you and your brother have a warm relationship since childhood, he is your faithful friend and protector, and according to the second scenario, you and my brother have a constant war, you have been offended millions of times, fighting and sometimes hating each other.

No matter how your relationship with your brother develops, you still have to love him. And even if the thought of it makes you mad now, believe it will pass, and with age you will begin to appreciate each other more. Do you want to know what you can give your beloved brother for a birthday? Read on.

It is safe to say that the girls for whom the brother became a support and protector were very lucky. In general, having a brother is cool.Just think, since childhood you have the opportunity to build relationships with the opposite sex, and this is important, because girls who have grown up in a society of women alone simply do not know how to behave with guys.

In addition, you always know that, despite the difficulties you have a person who, without unnecessary talk, will be able to punish your abuser and help solve all problems. A good brother will be able to help out and give practical advice, and even among his friends, if of course, a brother older than you can find a large number of potential suitors. As you can see, brothers have something to appreciate. So on his birthday you should show your best.


Suppose that your parents made you happy by the appearance of a brother when you were already in your teens. Now you are already an adult lady, and your brother is just beginning to learn all the subtleties of our complex life. The task of the elder sister is to facilitate this process and prolong the childhood for the little man as long as possible.

On the name of the younger brother, you can give him a toy. Just buy what he has long dreamed of or asked for.The first machine you buy in the store will please him, but his brother will quickly forget it. It turns out that you have thrown away the money in vain. But if you give him a robot from your favorite movie, then the emotions will be much more vivid.

In general, it is better to donate educational toys to a brother’s birthday. For example, a good designer or puzzle. The brighter the elements and the more diverse the tasks and functions, the better.

Also, the little brother can donate sports equipment. Your brother must actively move in childhood, so a soccer ball will be a useful gift. Thanks to the game of football, he will be able to find friends and interests.

If he is not very keen to kick the ball, you can give him the videos. Just keep in mind that you will need to train him. Another option of a sports gift for the younger brother will be a trampoline. True enough to jump on it, he can only in the summer, but nothing.

And you can give a set of a young researcher for your brother's birthday. It may be intended for the knowledge of medicine, chemistry, biology, history. Do not be surprised then if the brother starts bringing butterflies and various bugs into the house.

You can please your brother if you present him a set of slingshots as a birthday present. Of course, he can smash the neighboring windows with them and get full of it.But in childhood, you want adventures and your gift will definitely come in handy. And with the anger of your mother you can somehow cope.

You can use the old proven idea for a gift. As you guessed, it is about a pet. Little boys believe in friendship and want them to have a real, reliable comrade. Buy a puppy, only it does not have to be a roomy pug, and present it to your brother. No matter how your parents resent you can always find a place in the house for the dog.


In adolescence, all of these passions rage that you can lose your head. So you should accept with understanding most of the nervous breakdowns of a brother and of course, do not forget to congratulate him on his birthday.

Modern adolescents love to listen to music. You can give him a valuable disk only if you are sure of the musical tastes of the brother. It is better to choose a neutral gift associated with music, such as a player or headphones. Such things tend to break and get lost often, so you will surely please him.

If your brother is trying to look stylish, you can help him by giving him a brand new hoodie. If you are afraid to make a mistake with the size, then the way out is simple: take your brother and go with him to the store. So he will like the gift even more.

A good gift for a brother's birthday will be a skate or bicycle. These extreme hobbies can be dangerous, but believe me, if he really likes it, it’s unlikely you will be able to talk him out of it. For safety, the brother should be engaged on a new, high-quality skateboard. You can also add a gift with new protective devices. By the way, if the helmet will have a cool pattern (which the master will do, and not you) it will be just awesome.

Often, adolescents try to realize themselves in music, so you can give him an instrument. A guitar, violin or mouth organ can be found in special stores.

The teenager will be happy to get to the concert of their favorite artists. You can not come to the delight of modern music, but in the end, his brother's birthday. So buy a couple of tickets, and brother will remember this birthday for a long time.

If your brother is already given to ask for a new computer, you can fulfill his dream. You can ask for help from your parents and make a joint, good gift, and not a large number of different trifles.

The eldest

If you still live with your brother under the roof of your parents and he is older than you are not for a large number of years, then you can please him with an unusual gift.For his performance, you will have to send parents to the country, prepare a chic table, buy alcohol, pick up music and invite all his friends. Before this, tell your friends that they will deny your brother an invitation to his party.

Let the whole day he be upset that the whole world does not care about him. Call him at a certain time and tell him to rush home urgently, since you have a flood, a fire, etc. When he comes in and sees all the relatives in the collection, believe me, he will be happy. Because it is a real pleasure to spend a birthday with friends, and even not worrying about parents and cooking.

For a younger and more independent brother, you can prepare equally interesting birthday gifts. If he likes to spend his holidays actively and in nature, you can buy him a scuba diver’s equipment or a new tent. He also appreciates a good grill and a tourist set.

For a brother who already has his children, you can donate one day of solitude. To do this, look after his kids and if you need a wife (invite them to visit you), and in order for the brother not to miss, donate tickets for football or hockey.On this day, he will finally be able to relax and do nothing.

For a gift to an active brother, some kind of insane act will do. It is not necessary that it was a parachute jump. Go with him to the race track and ride a steep car. And you can go down from the mountain top or climb it. Well, about the descents on mountain rivers, too, do not forget.

You can give your brother an old, collectible thing, such as a knife. Men like weapons, and even more so when it looks no worse than a work of art.

If you think that your brother has everything you need in life, or simply do not want to torment yourself with the problem of choosing a gift, then you can limit yourself to money. Now by the way, this is one of the most popular options for a birthday present. It does not have a special soul and memory, but it is practical and the brother will like it more than a confused figurine for a fireplace, which he may not have. Now, electronic hookahs come into vogue like here kalyanvkayf.ru they are not so bulky, and they really like young people.

Alcohol is considered by many to be a banal gift, but only if it is bought at a nearby stall.But if you find a real and rare copy of the skate, then the brother will be happy.

Now we are calm, because for sure among our options you will find an idea for a good gift to your brother.

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