What is interesting to Bushmaster

�What does a Bushmaster look like

Bushmaster is a snake up to 3 meters long. Some individuals can grow up to 4 meters in length. Snake weight from 3 to 5 kg. The skin of the bushmeister is covered with ribbed scales. The snake's tail is interesting - solid and hollow. Striking the tail with a plant resembles the sound that rattlesnakes make. The color of the bushmeister is yellow-brown, which makes it possible to mask well in the thickets. Poisonous teeth in snakes up to 2.5 cm.
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A bushmeister hunts rodents, birds and lizards at night. In anticipation of the victim, the snake may lie for several weeks in an ambush near the paths. The approach of other animals the bushmeister feels with the help of thermolocators, located in the pits between the nostrils and the eye. Thermolocation detects the change in temperature associated with the approach of the victim. All the venom snakes possess these senses. Having determined the location of the victim using thermolocators, the snake attacks it and paralyzes it with the help of poison. Then completely swallows the prey.
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�Bushmaster Reproduction

Bushmaster refers to the oviviviparous snakes.The female lays from 10 to 20 eggs in a shallow hole. The whole period of incubation of the clutch the female protects her. Young snakes appear after 76-80 days and immediately go hunting.
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�Interesting about the Bushmaster

There are many myths about the bushmeister. There are legends that this snake is an evil spirit in the body of a snake and can bewitch a person, send him a dream. Also, this snake is credited with the ability to extinguish the flame and suck milk from cows and sleeping women.
Scientists conducted experiments to study the thermolocation properties of the snake. Bushmeister fully sealed eye and ear holes. The snake continued to attack the victim, always accurately determining its location.
It is reliably known only about 25 cases of human bite by a snake. Of these, 5 cases are fatal. Recent studies have shown that snake venom is not as toxic as previously thought.
The Latin name of the snake is Lachesis muta. Formed on behalf of Lachesis, the goddess of fate from ancient Greek mythology. According to the myths, Lachesis draws a man before his birth.
Because of its unusual thick skin, the bushmeister has another name - the pineapple snake.
Bushmaster's poison is used to make homeopathic medicines.

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