What exotic fruit will help gain weight

Banana Nutrition

Bananas do not contain empty calories, which are rich in sweets, cakes and other confectionery, so after using them a person will not want to eat even more. The satiety that bananas give allows you to control weight gain and at the same time supply the body with nutrients, minerals and carbohydrates that increase human energy. The most high-calorie are not ripe dessert bananas, and green and dried fruits, which contain from 108 to 298 kilocalories. Sugar contained in a banana (16%) is very easily digested and restores the strength of a tired organism.
To gain weight with the help of bananas, you need to eat six to seven of these exotic fruits a day, combining them with other high-calorie foods. To speed up the process, it is recommended to add banana slices to breakfast cereals and fill them with peanut butter.
No less effective means for gaining weight are bananas with milk and honey - these dessert dishes perfectly improve not only the physical, but also the psychological form of a person. However, it is important not to abuse them, so as not to get an excess of sugar in the blood.

Weight gain recipes

To make one large serving of bananas with honey, you will need a few bananas, 3-4 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of sesame. Bananas should be cut into small circles and folded into a plate, and melt the honey, putting it in the microwave for a few seconds, making sure that it does not overheat.
Then the bananas are watered with melted honey, slightly turning over the slices, which will shine beautifully under the honey cover. From above, the dessert is sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. If desired, honey can be replaced by caramel or chocolate syrup, mixing and heating the sugar with water or melting a small amount of chocolate.
To make two servings of a milk-banana dessert, you will need 1 banana, 300 ml of milk, 100 g of ice cream, as well as vanilla and simple sugar to taste. The banana is peeled, cut into small slices and folded into a blender. Milk with vanilla sugar and granulated sugar is poured there.The mixture is thoroughly whipped, after which the cocktail is poured into glasses and placed in the refrigerator for one hour. Before use, they put a ball of cream or chocolate ice cream in each glass.

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