We are making a toy palette for felt shadows

Probably, there are no such girls who, each at one time, would not be interested in cosmetics. Numerous jars, boxes, tubes and bottles of my mother's beautician sometimes fascinate little beauties even more than beautiful dresses, shoes or hairpins. To satisfy this interest, without resorting to real cosmetics, you can sew toy cosmetics, for example, from felt. Then the little daughter can safely try herself as a make-up artist, and the mother of the needlewoman will be calm for the health and beauty of her princess without fear of various allergies.
Sewing a toy palette for felt shadows
In order to sew, for example, a palette for shadows, you have to stock up on the following tools and materials:
  1. Sewing machine;
  2. Needle for hand sewing;
  3. Scissors for cutting;
  4. Ruler;
  5. Pencil;
  6. Sheet of paper;
  7. A ballpoint pen for transferring patterns to felt;
  8. Glue "Moment is transparent";
  9. Threads forsewing;
  10. Felt soft purple color (for a palette);
  11. Hard felt white (for a palette);
  12. Multi-colored trimming of hard felt (for shadows and brushes);
  13. Sew-on button of small diameter;
  14. Thin synthetic winterizer;
  15. Slanting Bake is white (ready-made or self-made).
We sew a toy palette for felt shadows
On a sheet of paper, draw the pattern of the future palette, - a square with a side of 10 cm and rounded corners. For this pattern you need to cut 2 parts from white felt. It is not necessary to add seam allowances. From lilac felt, it is necessary to cut out 2 squares with a side of 11 cm. From a synthetic winterizer, you need to cut 2 squares with a side of 8 cm.
We sew a toy pallet for shades of felt
It is better to cut out 9 squares from trimmings of colorful felt, - an imitation of shadows, - in the size of 2 * 2 cm. It is better, if it will be several shades of the same color. Then the palette will look like a real one. Harvested "shadows" should be sewn onto the base of a palette of white felt. For convenience, they can be pre-glued with a drop of transparent glue. Indents for marking the location of shadows are: from the sides - 1.5 cm,between squares - 0.5 cm.
Sewing a toy palette for felt shadows
The second part of the white felt palette should be sewn in a brush pocket, cut out in the shape of a rectangle with dimensions of 8 * 3 cm. Margins for marking layout pocket: bottom - 1, 5 cm, sides - 1 cm.
We sew a toy palette for felt shadows
We sew a toy palette for felt shadows
Each part of a white felt palette needs to be applied to a lilac felt blank. Between these layers, looking inside out at each other, it is necessary to put a synthetic winterizer. The whole “pie” should be stapled with an auxiliary line running along the edge of the parts made of white felt.
We sew a toy palette for felt shadows
Sewing a toy palette for felt shadows
Excess lilac felt should be trimmed.
We sew a toy palette for felt shadows
Each part of the palette should be edged with a white oblique piping. For the convenience of this operation, you can tackle the pre-tape.Then you need to line it up with a straight or zigzag stitch, and remove the lines of the markup. If necessary, you can carefully press the edges of the border. It's enough to sew them to the back of each other.
We sew a toy pallet for shades of felt
We sew a toy pallet for the shadows of felt
Two white rectangles measuring 7 * 2 cm should be cut out of white felt. These blanks will connect the sides of the pallets. With the glue the rectangles need stick to the sides of the palette, masking the joints of the oblique beyke. After the glue is taken, the machine line should be laid along the edges of the rectangles. We sew a toy pallet for shades of feltWe sew a toy pallet for shadows of felt The front side of the pallets need to sew one part of the button. The second part of the button should be sewn to the harvested and tuned from the reverse side. strap in a cut is a rectangle of 6 * 1.5 cm,folded in half and stitched around the perimeter at a distance of 1 mm from the edge.
We sew a toy palette for felt shadows
Then you need to prepare shadow brushes. You can first make a template from paper. In form, it can absolutely anyone. The size of the brush inscribed in a rectangle with the dimensions of 5.5 * 2 cm will be optimal. According to the pattern, you need to cut 3 pieces of brushes of different colors.

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