Putting drywall with your own hands

Drywall has become particularly popular in modern construction, due to its multifunctionality: it can be used to make niches, various arches, and install partitions. In addition, you can even align the walls - in this drywall is particularly useful, because all you need to exactly fill it on the wall instead of troublesome and expensive bay with concrete.

Drywall can be divided into standard (exposed to moisture and fire), moisture resistant (exposed only to fire), fire resistant (afraid of water only) and fireproof moisture resistant sheet (universal). Putting putty on drywall signifies the end of all work, but this step is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. In the course of work, putty is conventionally divided into “initial” and “final”: “initial” putty can be applied a layer of up to 5 mm, it is used mainly for hiding seams at the joints of sheets of drywall; The “final” is used for the finalalignment of sheets and has a thickness not exceeding 3 mm. The puttying is prepared according to the instructions, the more inexpensive way is to dilute the dry mixture with water in the proportion indicated on the package. Apply the prepared composition with a spatula; it should be noted that the two spatulas work much more conveniently: one is used for application, the second is for stripping. The sheets of drywall are produced with a perfectly flat surface, which makes it inadmissible to put on them putty. On such a surface, you can immediately glue the wallpaper or apply other coatings. Putty is used only to hide joints and holes for screws, which should not be immediately putty. First you need to check whether the screw protrudes from the wall: if not, then everything is fine, if there is a bulge, it becomes necessary to screw it a little further into the wall. To ensure durability and reduce the risk of cracking of the dried composition, it is necessary before applying putty sticking on the serpyanka joint - a special plastic mesh. After the “initial” putty has dried, it should be rubbed with sandpaper,and then apply the final part. Corners need to be putty as follows: put material on both sides of it, and then press the serpyanka on them - the most important thing is to get to the center of the corner. Next - actions are similar to the previous paragraphs.

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