We decorate clothes with the image of a horse

With the approach of the New Year, I decided to decorate my clothes with the image of the owner of the year - Konya. decorate the clothes with the image
For this I sketched out the outline. I drew paraffin - that is, when you cut a candle, the edges are sharp and you can draw more conveniently: thinner than chalk and softer than soap.  Drew with paraffin Then he applied semicircular blue beads using hot melt glue. First I applied hot melt, and then applied a bead.
semicircular blue beads
The adhesive is whitish, so it doesn't look so hot on black, so the contour had to be painted with different colors. Initially, I planned to simply lay out the outline of the horse, but apparently it does not look on a black T-shirt, because glue stains are visible. I put out a set of red polibusin to mark the mane, horn and tail and painted over the body in red.I diluted the red paint with water (not more than 10%, as it is written on the paint label).
 painted the body in red
But this one to me it seemed a little. For beauty, I traced the golden outline of a horse.  Red paint I have shaded the hooves, eyes, horn and tips of the mane in red. The tail looks like a tree with berries - the year of the wooden horse, after all. And the body inside is drawn as the roots of the tree.
 golden outline of a horse
This is the kind of horse that came out! I did not fix it with an iron - I'm afraid the contour will crack. On the red paint applied sequins on top. Now I understand - to keep the sequins, you had to apply glue such as Globus or a colorless other glue on the dried red paint and sprinkle with sequins on top.  decorate clothes with a horse
Such a horse came out
 painted horse with your own hands

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