Wall covering with plasterboard

Gypsum cardboard walls with own hands

A simple technology is used for wall plastering with gypsum boards. It can be attached to the walls with a special glue. Before you begin to fix this material, walls must be cleaned and covered with a primer. After that it is necessary to put glue on the sheets with a spatula. The adhesive should be applied along the edges with a solid strip, and also in the middle, while the width of each strip should be 10 cm. The adhesive should not occupy more than half the area of ​​the sheet. They should sheathe from the corner of the room. Using the rule, the sheet is aligned. During laying it is better to fasten three sheets at once. In cases where the wall has small irregularities, special glue is applied in small pieces, and the distance between them at the edges should be 25 cm. In the middle, these cakes should be at a distance of about 35 cm from each other. The area of ​​the applied glue should not be less than 15% otherwise the sheet will not hold tight. The thickness of the applied adhesive is determined by the roughness of the wall.The greater the roughness, the more glue will have to be applied. If the surface is very uneven, gypsum plaster strips are glued on it. They should not be wider than 10 cm in width. The higher and wider the wall, the more these stripes will be needed. A plumb line or rule strips are made even with respect to the plane. It is necessary to wait until the glue dries. It usually takes 3 hours, only after this time sheets can be glued. You can sheathe walls with sheets using a frame. This method makes it possible to make the walls even in a short time. The result is a smooth finish. In addition, sound insulation and heat insulation in the room are improved. Also, there is an opportunity for laying various communications. Electrical or telephone wiring can be easily carried through such a wall.

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