Viruses do not belong here!

ORVI - what is it?

Many of the coughing and sneezing people recklessly take their disease for the common cold and, without going to the doctor, try to treat it with folk remedies: someone sucks candy, someone drinks tea with honey. As a result: they start their illness: the voice disappears, the nose refuses to breathe and so on. And only then they call or come to the doctor themselves, from whom they learn that they have ARVI - an acute respiratory-viral infection. What are the reasons for this deterioration?

When a sick person is treated with weak and folk remedies or even with antibiotics, he kills not only bad bacteria - viruses, but also good ones. And, if the bad ones can attack again, but with double force, then the good bacteria can no longer be defended. As a result, viruses get full access to the sick and weakened

How to treat?

In order to not come to this, it is necessary to undergo the correct course of treatment: you should choose a tool that can protect the body and strengthen the immune system, and, at the same time, does not destroy good viruses.

"Imudon" is a drug that stimulates the work of immunity.It is ideal for both adults and children - from 3 years of age. In addition to the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, this drug perfectly helps in curing diseases associated with the nasal and oral cavities: tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and so on.

Another important advantage of "Imudon" is that it can be taken not only during treatment, but also as a preventive measure. Unlike other types of drugs, this drug can be taken continuously, as it does not fight microbes with the help of additional means, but mobilizes and strengthens all the protective properties of the immune system.

For the best effect, this drug should be taken from 6 to 8 pieces - depending on age.

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