Varieties and peculiarities of their design of dosing pumps

Due to the design features, the pump dispenser can be used in various industries where it is necessary to strictly control the doses of liquid media supplied. Dosing pumps can be plunger or diaphragm. Plunger pumps are most often used to supply water with high pressure and with an impressive content of various reagents.

Peristaltic dosing pumps are an excellent solution when the fluid pressure is low. They allow to ensure the sterility of the medium supplied. Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a compact and practical device. It works on the strength of compressed air. However, the most popular so far are pneumatic diaphragm pumps.

The dosing pump is used in the food, chemical and petroleum industries. It is also well suited for supplying high temperature liquid media.The fuel metering pump, as the name implies, is used for spraying and supplying injected liquid fuel in nozzles and cylinders. Also for this purpose you can use the diaphragm pump.

But if we talk about efficiency, then the membrane metering pumps here lose a little. However, in terms of technology, they are considered more reliable. The working volume of the pump is determined by the chamber, where the membrane is located, and as limiters, check valves are installed there. The minimum working volume is equal to the volume of the chamber at the time of valve overlap, and the maximum at the time of their opening. Due to this design and reduces the effective working volume of the camera. Plus, the fact that the diaphragm does not squeeze the entire volume out of the working space affects the possibility of parasitic flows when the check valves are activated.

The technical capabilities of the diaphragm dosing pump are determined by the membrane area. The larger it is, the more there will be a working chamber, the greater the volume of fluid it can pump. Another significant advantage of the membrane pump is the ability to run it on a dry run. It is because of the presence of the membrane, he does not fail.In addition, such a dosing pump is suitable for pumping any kind of liquid. With its help, it is possible to transport viscous media, media in which various solid residues are contained, and other varieties of liquids. Therefore, these pumps are so in demand in industrial enterprises.

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