Urinals - what to look for when choosing

We live in the 21st century, when - this is quite a usual construction, the main purpose of which is not required to explain to anyone. Five years ago, urinals were installed exclusively in public toilets or catering establishments, but today it is not uncommon to see them in private houses or apartments. However, despite this, not everyone knows how to choose this type of plumbing correctly in order to buy something worthwhile, and we'll talk about it.

Urinal varieties

Now created several classifications of urinals, each of which has the right to exist. In order to choose a particular model it was easier, we recommend reading the information about the features of different types of such devices.

  • Installation type classification is the most famous of all. All elementary, allocate floor and wall urinals, there is also another type - a device with a hidden installation. In general, it is quite possible to draw a kind of analogy between urinals and toilet bowls, in terms of installing the differences are not very many.For example, a wall urinal is about the same, but slightly smaller. Differences are only in devices with a hidden installation system, they are installed with a drain type drukspuler. Despite the possibility of such plumbing devices to hide the various elements of the pipeline, urinals of this type have a significant drawback, this is an overly difficult installation, which only a professional specialist can do.

It’s not that the type of installation is the most important criterion when choosing a urinal, but this moment definitely should not be overlooked.

  • The second classification is the type of discharge system. So, there are urinals with automatic, manual and semi-automatic discharge. The first option is touch, that is, a specially built-in system is able to respond to when a person comes to the urinal and when it is removed from it, then the flush starts. The semi-automatic type of devices makes it possible to drain water at the touch of a button, and as for manual models, they are the most common tap that you need to open and close yourself.

When choosing a urinal, we also recommend to pay attention to its size, too large models are designed for public places, to install the device at home, choose among those that are average in size. As for the design, it is practically impossible to navigate by this criterion, since urinals in this respect are not much different.

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