Ultraviolet hit of the season! Such a bright color can be very stylish.

Every new season, designers offer us a “new black” - a color that can take the position of the main one and become a real hit. Once it was gray, blue and even marsala. And in 2018, we are all offered to learn purple. Do not be afraid of bold decisions, because such a bright color can be very stylish.

To work

If the level of conservatism of your company does not imply excessive dress code rules, feel free to dilute the usual monochrome shades with rich purple accents. You can even add a few things of this color, if they differ in intensity of shade and texture. Any romantic details are welcome - purple has to playful image.

Purple + gray

Both shades belong to the cold spectrum, so they will be a win-win combination. Feel free to complement the image with metal and silver accessories, or shiny textures,like oil cloth or satin. Just make sure that the gray was really cold and did not tend to brown.

Real black

With rich black color, purple things will look like a base. They can even add bright color accents in brown-reddish scale. If you want to use two things in purple in one set, make sure that the shade is the same. But the intensity of color can vary.

Add sunspots

A few years ago, such an image would be considered provocative. But it turns out, the combination of purple and yellow stimulate intellectual activity. Maybe that's why the combination of colors has become familiar, and even claims to be classic? You can modestly add a bit of lemon-lemon to purple things, or start breaking into heavy things, and give preference to the colors of a ripe banana!

Kits in this range can be worn in winter and summer.

Red and orange

Although the colors are on the opposite part of the spectrum in relation to the violet, you can find shades that will make a perfect combination with it. In order not to be mistaken, choose the same color intensity for all things — they would all look the same on a black and white photo.You can use this trick: Slightly pinch your eyes so that the colors appear gray. Ideally, none of the things appear darker or lighter than others.

For such bold colors, pure concise silhouettes are best suited. But from the catchy decor and finishes better to give up.


Shades of blue and turquoise will give violet lightness and even more romance. But such an image is better reserved for creative and informal spaces. In a strict business setting, they may not be appropriate.

This combination of color will be appropriate for representatives of creative professions.

Light base

If you are not ready for revolutionary color combinations yet, give preference to light shades. With purple will be perfectly combined white or beige. Metal accessories in this case, it is better to choose silver or platinum colors.

White with purple looks very conservative.

Sky blue

This combination will be appropriate in any weather. On a frosty morning, it will remind you of the spring sun, and in the summer - of the long-awaited coolness. The image is discreet, but very bright.

Strong but very attractive

An interesting combination of white, purple and green is not an invention of 2018. The GWV colors (Green-Wite-Violet) were introduced to the suffragistic women of the 20th century, since the first letters of the names of these colors coincided with their slogan “Give Women Vote”, calling for vesting women with voting rights. In the era of women's emancipation, you can again turn to a revolutionary combination. Choose spring green, reminiscent of fresh greens ... I

Or a belligerent protective color that will underline the seriousness of your intentions!

In this set, gold accessories will look good, only gold is advisable to choose pink, not bright yellow.

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