Good News: Healthy and appetizing hotdog recipes

Two healthy hotdog recipes


Sourdough roll
Venison sausages

Select your banger
Leave pork sausages well alone – that’s your first order. They require more fat to bind than venison and are lower in creatine. “Venison offers more extras than other meats, with energy-supporting iron and B vits, plus zinc and selenium for immune health,” says nutritionist Christine Bailey. Always cook them under the grill; frying adds around 10g of fat.

Upgrade your rolls
It’s all about smart swaps: “Avoid soft white rolls. Anything you’ve eaten at a football match is probably packed with enough sugar and salt to make up over half of your RDAs,” says Bailey. Choose sourdough – its probiotic organisms boost digestive health and break down gluten so it won’t make you feel bloated.


Chilli, 1
Small red onion, 1
Garlic, 2 cloves
Red pepper, 1
Chopped tomatoes, 1⁄2 tin
Red kidney beans, drained, 1⁄2 tin
Gouda, 2 slices
Small avocado, 1

Start the fire
Once you’ve tasted this chilli, you’ll be adding this quick-cook muscle-builder to everything from pasta to jacket potatoes. It’s structured to slow digestion, so more nutrients are soaked up. Chop the chilli, onion, garlic and peppers and fry for 5min. Throw in the tomatoes and beans and simmer until it thickens.

Growth fruit
Meet your new muscle-building ally: “Avocados contain oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat which spikes your levels of testosterone and growth hormone,” says Bailey. It’s a hit you won’t get from ketchup and a healthy way to hike up your calorie intake.

Killer filler
Pile the cheese on top of your dogs and grill for a couple of minutes. Top with the chilli and avocado, then let your hungry muscles gorge on those nutrients.

Big cheese
Gouda is a rich source of vitamin K2 – an essential nutrient for bone health. And to grow serious muscle mass, you need the bone structure to support it and avoid any gym injuries. Your two slices also pack in about 10g of protein, along with 300mg of calcium: a vital mineral for fat loss.

Muscle beanz
Boost the protein score without adding any additional fat. “Fibre is key to kidney beans’ muscle-building ability,” says Bailey. “It’s absolutely essential to make sure none of the protein you’re eating goes to waste in the gut.” With the half-tin serving here, you’re providing yourself a generous 8g of fibre, as well as a 9g protein boost.


Tomatoes, 2
Small red onion, 1
Red chilli, 1⁄2
Coriander, handful
Sugar, pinch
English mustard

Drown bread
Your fat loss salsa contains just 12kcal a spoon, so don’t be shy about slapping it on. Deseed the tomato and dice it with the onion, fresh chilli and coriander. Add a pinch of sugar, mix and you’re done.

Dice to cut
They’re not only a low-calorie flavour enhancer; onions also pack in the antioxidant quercetin, which the journalMetabolismfound increases your rate of fat-burning by up to 18% in the hour after consumption.

Insulin calmer
Fresh coriander leaves are rich in a range of essential oils, which stimulate the secretion of enzymes and digestive juices. They’re also shown to lower blood sugar by improving your insulin response – putting a stop to that 4pm biscuit dash.

Hot absorber
Sausages and mustard are the Mitchell and Webb of fat-loss double-acts: fine on their own, better together. Mustard activates your digestive enzymes to make sure every shred of meat is properly digested and absorbed in the small intestine. Go hot – no football ground ‘yellow sauce’.

Finish him
Fill the dogs with enough salsa and mustard so it squirts out when you dig in. As it drips down your chin, feel smug knowing your snack has 22g less fat and 330 fewer calories than the one you bought outside the stadium.

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