Tree for earrings

There are so many interesting and funny things in the world that sometimes there is no time to be sad, but if you have time for such an unpleasant business, then you should do something useful. Despite all the things that you can only remake: you can dust the wipes and dress them up, to score and forget some problems, you can after all sit behind the case, but cardinally after another - more pleasant. You can do something with your own hands. Let you have everything, but absolutely you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who will be glad to any gift that you make yourself with your own hands. It's not even a gift, but into attention, which, alas, often we all lack. And so, if you have some time, and most importantly there is a desire and well-developed imagination - then you came to the right place! We suggest you make a tree for earrings that you can keep to yourself if you are a girl, well, and if you are a guy, then you can please your girlfriend. And now it's time to start and see what we have in stock from the necessary materials because we are very much welcome by the way such as: gypsy needle or awl, solid A4 colored cardboard, glue, varnish,a glass of hair foam (or any other fender that can be used as a base for wood), nail polish and scissors lacquer.
materials for work
First of all, we arrange the leaf into four parts and draw a tree. You can draw the same as in the photo below, or you can use the gifts of your mind and fantasy and draw something more abruptly.
 draw a tree
Next - cut our marvelous and sure an extraordinary creation - a tree for earrings.
cut out tree
The dachshund that we see, we have four not yet cut out trees, the designer who needs to be folded correctly and beautifully. I used two constructions, but if you like a more branched tree, you can add two more. Anyway, if you chose two constructions or decided, like me, into two, then we immediately cut one, and the second leave safe and sound. Then, on the sides of the whole structure of the tree, we adjust the glue and fasten the half of the second construction on the one side, and then the second half on the other side.We check how firmly halves we hold and paint, so to speak, the barrel with brilliant varnish.
 need to be folded correctly and beautifully
Insert your tree into the base, that is, into the cap from under the foam or at that you have found there. If your tree has the ability to fall at the wrong time - gently place sea pebbles on the bottom. If there are no such stones in your house, you can fill the bottom with beads with glue or another loose mixture.
 Insert your tree into the base
Do not forget to pierce the holes for the earrings and your tree is ready to use.
 fill the bottom with beads with glue
 Tree for earrings

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