Toothbrush can be a very useful thing!

Since childhood, parents have taught us that we must always follow the rules of hygiene: wash your hands before eating, brush your teeth in the mornings and evenings. However, there are other more interesting ways to use a regular toothbrush in the household. With the help of a brush, you can clean various hard-to-reach places that you can’t simply wash with a brush or mop.

Support the toothbrush for a couple of seconds under fire, bend and enjoy the comfort of cleaning!

Can't clean the mold between the tiles? Take a toothbrush, attach it to the drill of a drill or a screwdriver and cut off the handle. Now the cleaning will take place without much effort!

A brush will help you not only in the beauty of your teeth, but also in your hair. She perfectly combed her hair. Such bouffant lasts many times longer. And still the brush will help to clean the downy and protruding hair.

Do you do knitting? Take the old hook, glow it on the fire and insert it into the plastic handle of the brush. Now the process of needlework will be much more convenient.

A toothbrush can also be used as a comb for eyebrows and eyelashes. And it can also dye your hair.

Important: do not forget to sanitize the brush with soap or anti-bacterial spray!

Also, it is very convenient for her to clean the phone’s speaker or hair dryer filter. Hold the brush in boiling water for a couple of minutes in order for the bristles to become soft, and boldly proceed to the removal of dust.

Experienced housewives say that using a toothbrush can also be easy to clean new potatoes.

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