Tomato "Persimmon" - a universal variety of amateur breeding

Description of tomato varieties "Persimmon"

By the type and color of tomatoes "Persimmon" is very similar to ripe persimmon. Hence the name. The average weight of fruits usually does not exceed 330 grams. Plants are quite tall, so they are often tied to pegs. This is especially true when several kilograms ripen at once on one bush. As for the taste characteristics of "Persimmon", they are just amazing. There is no sourness, and the flesh is usually tender and very juicy. These are ideal tomatoes for making juices and various sauces. But their skin is strong enough. So, the fruit can be canned in small pieces.
The grade "Persimmon" differs in special exactingness to temperature conditions when growing. It should range from 22 to 26 ° C. Otherwise, the growth of these plants may slow down and even deteriorate.

How to grow seedlings

Usually, seedlings are planted at the end of the first spring month, and it begins to bear fruit in July. It is true that in the northern regions, fruiting may begin a little later. In order to plant tomato seeds, it is necessary to process the garden soil with the solution of "Fundazol". It is better to compact the soil surface, make a small groove and plant seeds into it. Experienced gardeners know that it is not necessary to pour a lot of seeds, since approximately 90% will rise.
After that, it is recommended to spray the soil with water and cover the planting container with a film. Watering should be done very carefully, and the temperature should not fall below 22 ° C. When the seedlings appear, the film can be removed and the future seedlings will be brought to light. Plants should be seated in different capacities after the appearance of the second leaf. Two weeks before planting, seedlings should be brought out onto the street - first for 5 minutes, then for a longer time. Immediately after watering their takeaway is prohibited.

Features grade

Tomato "Persimmon" differs from other varieties with interesting features. This refers to high yields. For 1 square meter there are about 6 kg of fruits. The plant can bear fruit for five months before frost.If you grow "Persimmon" in non-heated greenhouses, you can achieve maximum yield.
By the way, such tomatoes can even be harvested a little unripe, because they will not lose their taste during subsequent ripening. Due to this unique feature of the variety, tomatoes can be transported over long distances.

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