Three “for” a podium bed in a compact bedroom

Typical apartments and previously built houses for the bedroom are allocated (if at all there is such an opportunity), as a rule, the most compact room. From a psychological perspective, this approach is very correct. So, most emotionally pretend to use the room in only one functional status. Therefore, several areas of destination are combined in spacious rooms: a bedroom-study, a living-room for sleeping-play, etc. But for a good rest it is just wrong. The bedroom should be separate, well-designed and equipped for sleeping and relaxing room.

Another issue is that compact rooms, including sleeping rooms, are generally difficult to furnish and decorate stylistically. It is likely to turn it from a cozy and quiet room into a cramped, dark and cluttered "something". In particular, because in any case it is necessary to organize here also a storage system for bedding, a mini dressing room, a table and bedside tables, etc. That is, you cannot do with a single bed.

There is one interior reception that allows you to "rise" above the crowdedness and avoid the feeling of clutter. This device is a podium instead of a bed. By the way, this reception is used by many inexpensive hotels Prospect Mira whether their location or other area of ​​the capital, in view of the effectiveness and practicality of this option. What are the advantages of the podium?

  1. Practical. This is not just a stand, but a ready-made storage system, the capacity of which is determined by the height of the podium and the dimensions of the bed. This is an excellent place to place bedding, seasonal clothes, etc.
  2. Mass variations of the podium itself, which allows you to arrange it even in very small rooms with low ceilings. This could be:
  • a relatively small (height, identical to the standard bed) platform with one roll-out and deep drawer with compartments for convenience;
  • podium - a ladder with separate niches. A rather traditional, but convenient, practical and effective option, which is often used in the design of hotels, whether they are inexpensive apartments of the VDNH metro station near which to be or the number fund of a mini-hotel of a family format in a resort area;
  • a full wardrobe, when the bedroom is located at the height of almost a bunk bed. At the same time, it is also possible to make sashes interesting by analogy with the wardrobe, mirrored or interestingly decorated, etc.

3. Allows you to ergonomically and conveniently optimize the space. In this case, do not save on the breadth and spaciousness of the bed itself, its comfort. And at the same time effectively, interestingly, in an original way to stylize a room. Plus - affordability and execution.

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