This is the only looping method you should use to knit gum.

When knitting many products, the issue of elasticity is quite acute. To tie the throat upright or adjacent sleeve, you need to use one or another type of elastic band. But the very first row, which is formed not by a pattern, but by a set of loops, can significantly limit the elasticity of all knitting. It is necessary either to make the size larger, increasing the density of the gum, or to engage in loop transfer.

Fortunately, the skilled workers invented the method of recruitment, which itself stretches three times! It can be used to knit any gum (both simple and "French"). The set allows you to form a beautiful edge of a knitted product without tightening and unnecessary ruches. In addition to good indicators of stretching, this set perfectly returns the product to its original shape, which allows you to put the throat on your head without fastener.

The method is called "a set of nodules." To master it, you have to work a little.But the result is definitely worth it.

Fold the loop of yarn so that the working thread is on top and place two needles into it. On the needles should form a sliding knot.

The next loop is formed in the same way, the working thread comes from above.

The loop is put on the spokes, tightened as close as possible to the previous loop, and after the working thread is put on the spokes. The loop with knitting needles is thrown over the new one and is drawn through it.

Tighten the loop and form the following in the same way. Make sure the nodules make up a straight row.

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