They do not follow the fashion: 10 stars, whose eyebrows are far from ideal

Sometimes even celebrities can walk with eyebrows with threads, and even colorless, and this is in 2018.

For 5 years now the world has had a real eyebrow boom, and most celebrities literally immediately began to grow their eyebrows so that they were beautiful and wide. However, not everyone caught this trend, some celebrities still go with eyebrows-strings. We asked Tatyana Nikonorova, the owner of Nikonorova Lash & Brow Hall beauty salons, how to achieve the perfect shape of eyebrows and whether it can be done independently.

Tatyana Nikonorova

Finally, women all over the world understood and recognized: eyebrows are a key component of face beauty, the general perception of appearance depends on their condition. Eyebrows set the shape and mood of the whole face, actually working on the proportions - imagine, with the help of them you can adjust what the nose looks like, what the eyes look like!

The difficulty is that only a professional can work out the eyebrow architecture correctly.In reliable hands, you can even get natural eyebrows like Kara Delevingne (it’s worth doing it only if they go to you — the expert will tell you). But often girls neglect the services of the master and do everything themselves. But they fail to achieve the desired result.

Firstly, it is very difficult to understand on my own exactly which form suits them. Secondly, they either start overdoing and remove too much hair and eyebrows are obtained. It seems that this is exactly what happened with world stars who decided to do their own beauty and save on a brow specialist. As proof, collected 10 stars whose eyebrows do not correspond to world trends at all.

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