The elegant degeneration of plastic bags

The fact that a plastic bag can be used for other purposes, few realize. Meanwhile, it is an excellent budget material for creativity. The usual cellophane is transformed in the hands of folk craftsmen in the most unexpected design things. They can be different in purpose. Practical handbags, stylish jewelry, original hats, voluminous crafts - not all options.

Knitting from packages is a relatively new type of needlework that is rapidly gaining momentum. The availability of the material and the ability to use bright colors in the works make it especially attractive for creativity.

To make polyethylene "threads" is easy. The bottom line is that the neatly folded package is cut off the bottom, and sometimes the handles, and it is cut into separate fragments that form ringlets. To tie them together according to the principle of attaching the chain is easy. Then you just have to roll the cellophane into the tangles, choose the suitable scheme and start knitting.

Just look how interesting and original crafts can be.

Rugs from the packages are not only practical, but also cute. They are unpretentious in care, waterproof and durable.

If you want to bind from the packages you can not only small boxes for storing small items, but also laundry baskets.

Diverse hats, decorative ornaments and handmade accessories, guest slippers look spectacular ...

And, of course, bags ...

Working with plastic bags is easy. To such an exciting lesson you can even attract children.

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