The project "We eat at home!" presents: culinary sensuality or aphrodisiac products

If you have a romantic dinner for which you have high hopes, then you shouldn’t let a lot go to chance. The correct approach is a careful study of all the nuances - not only the atmosphere that surrounds you, but also the menu. After all, it will depend on this: whether the dinner will continue.

It has long been noted that some products have an interesting effect. They increase energy, increase potency and lead to increased desire. For example, due to the high content of zinc and selenium in the body, testosterone is being actively produced. Such products were called aphrodisiacs in honor of the goddess of love Aphrodite. However, in order for the products to have their effect, try to make dinner easy, and for this, use the recipes listed on the website "Let's eat at home!"

In the first place of erotic products are such delicacies as shrimp and oysters. They contain a lot of protein, which help assimilate the substances necessary for energy production. In addition, these products contain a lot of zinc. So a man who tastes such a dish will inevitably increase testosterone levels.

Also a lot of zinc is found in caviar. True, we are talking only about natural caviar. A lot of this product to eat will not succeed, but this is not necessary. After all, overeating can lead to laziness. But this is hardly your goal.

Of the more affordable products worth noting avocado. For this reason we will be given an honorable third place. If we translate its name, we will understand that earlier this tree was called the egg. And all because of the fact that the fruits are very similar to the shape of the male testicles. It has many fatty acids and hormones that most actively affect men. It is noteworthy that the taste of this fruit is quite bland, so it can be used almost everywhere. With it you can cook salads, add it to the dessert, as described on the website "Eat at Home!".There are many recipes for original and light meals with this ingredient.

We will take the fourth place to the nuts, which, as studies show, will not only help to quickly satisfy your hunger, but also provide your body with the energy necessary for love pleasures. And the range of nuts in cooking is enormous.

The fifth place is surely taken by one without whom no holiday is conceivable. It is not surprising that men prefer this product with flowers and a bottle of champagne to women. Chocolate! Thanks to the content of caffeine and theobromine, it promotes the production of female hormones. But for men, this product is useful, as it helps the production of endorphin - the hormone of joy, which improves blood circulation.

You are not surprised, why erotica compared with the strawberry? The point is not only in the taste and external indicators of this berry, but also in the fact that it is also an aphrodisiac. It also contributes to the production of endorphin, and if you add a little more alcohol to it, the process will also accelerate. But here the main thing is to know the measure, and in everything: and in food as well!

Prepare with pleasure together with the project "We eat at home!"

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