Take an old sweater and turn it into an elegant element of the interior

From unwanted or stretched things you can do a lot of incredible things. For example, knit, alter, remake an old sweater ... into an original lamp for the house!

Note: the more interesting the pattern on the sweater, the more original the lamp will be.For work you will need:

  • old sweater;
  • scissors;
  • plastic cup;
  • a pair of paper clips;
  • round embroidery hoop (3 pcs.) - preferably of different sizes;
  • adhesive on fabric;
  • Everything for the lamp - light bulb, cord and cartridge.

1. Clean the sweater from the spool using a special machine or a simple razor.

2. Turn the sweater inside out, cut off one sleeve. This is the future ceiling.

3. Insert the hoop inside.

4. Cut unnecessary fabric from the bottom of the sleeve, glue it to the seamy side and to the hoop. Secure with paper clips, let dry.

5. Make the lamp base.From a plastic cup, a cartridge, a cord and a lamp, assemble the construction, fasten it in a sweater.

6. Suspend and turn on the new luminaire. The work is done!

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