Square hips and bruises: Volochkova showed nude photos

The star never ceases to amaze fans.

With the beginning of a new novel on Instagram Volochkova, more and more candid photos appear. Now she is posing in her underwear, then she is hiding behind only a bouquet of white roses ... And now she has completely starred completely naked.

Jul 15, 2018 at 8:02 pdt

True, certainly attractive this picture is difficult to call. On the hips of Anastasia, with the naked eye, extra pounds are visible and the skin is not completely even. And on the legs there are some strange spots - either bruises, or irritation on the skin. According to fans, bandaged feet and orderly regrown pedicure can hardly be considered sexy.

But we can be sure that, unlike many of her star colleagues, the ballerina did not use any photo editors. Otherwise, it would at least make its shape more rounded. So such honesty still deserves admiration.

True, Volochkova is not going to enter into a discussion with fans about her little flaws, so she closed the comments in her microblog again.Recall, she recently broke out in an angry rebuke to her anti-fans: “My dear. Stop worrying for me and guess who I am, who presents me with diamond rings for millions and colors. This is my personal life. Live your own. But, judging by everything and by the fact that many already live by mine, their life is boring and miserable. My good Do not teach me to live. This is up to you made my teachers. Believe me, I do not need advice on what to do, what to wear, what to eat and drink, how to spend time, with whom to sleep. I have the right to do whatever I want. And even more so in the walls of his mansion and on a beautiful site. After all that I have done in my life, what kind of career the ballerina created and gained recognition, after all the goodness that I did and do with charity concerts and attention to the children of Russia, I could not do anything at all. Lie down on a luxurious sofa or on the veranda and enjoy life. But I did not do this and continue to be in demand and go forward. I write a book, create a new play, a show, prepare a drama project, record songs, shoot a video and every day I work in the ballet hall for three hours. And what I do in my spare time, doesn’t concern anyone, ”the star wrote on Instagram.

By the way, it seems that Anastasia decided to build a career as a singer seriously.Not so long ago, she shared with the followers a photo from a recording studio, and just yesterday she complained that when she came back to the studio, a heavy downpour struck. But this did not prevent Volochkova from recording the future masterpiece. So soon she will surprise the whole country not only with provocative photos, but also with a new product of her work.

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