Spruce branch from beads

Increasingly, people refuse to live a tree for the new year, wanting to preserve nature. But what New Year holidays without a Christmas tree or a pine, their main symbol? Beautiful artificial Christmas trees often cost sky-high sums, and seem too banal. You can create an original home decoration and even a small Christmas tree manually, spending a small amount on materials, as well as spending a little time and gaining patience. grams of green beads; - a coil of wire; - threads or floristic ribbon (for winding the stem); - scissors or pliers. Take a piece of wire about 30-40 centimeters long. We collect one bead and place it approximately in the middle, fold the wire in half so that the bead is on the fold and we pass both ends of the wire through 14 beads. The number of beads can be anything, depending on how long you want to make a needle. We tighten the beads to the first bead,and here is our first needle.
 Spruce branch from beads
Take one end and collect 15 beads. We don’t touch the last bead we have gathered, and we return to the others with wire, creating the second needle. This is what should happen.
 Spruce branch from beads
Similarly we make two or three needles to make a" foot ".
 Spruce branch from beads
For the tops of twigs I make paws with five needles, in other cases - with four. You can make needles separately, later gathering in paws or immediately in twigs, but I don’t like this method because the branches are too bulky due to the large amount of wire, and it’s inconvenient to work with them. Having made at least five legs try to fold them in a twig. I used to collect branches according to the scheme, in each “tier” adding one foot (that is, at the top of the branch there will be one with five needles, then two with four needles, then three, and so on). If you do not like this option - experiment! Having selected the ideal way of arranging the elements in the twig and creating a sufficient number of “legs”, proceed to the connection.You can just twist everything together, but it is in the Christmas trees that I don’t like the shine of the wire from under the lush green needles. In order to hide the color of the wire and more reliably fasten the pieces of the branch, I use threads or floral ribbon. In my branch there will be several small ones and they should be wrapped separately from the top.
 Fir-tree branch from beads
The branches are ready and it's time to start forming big branch.
 Spruce Bead
An interesting result will be if you fasten small twigs into a similar bouquet and put them in a vase - from afar it looks like m an inanimate copy of a real coniferous tree. I prefer to fasten the twigs at different levels. Do not rush, twisting the branches together - the thread is easily tangled in the needles. A little more patience - and voila, our sprig is ready!
 Fir-tree branch from beads
The technique I told you about is called“ needle weaving ” . With its help, you can not only create a small New Year tree or a Christmas wreath, but also add a simple decoration or decorate a small handbag.The main thing - be creative and do not be afraid of experiments!

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