Six-pointed snowflakes

If you have scraps of paper left after the appliqués or the making of New Year's decorations, you can use them to cut out simple and cute little snowflakes.
 cut a circle
For six-pointed snowflakes, harvested paper circles first should be folded in half, and then, dividing the semicircle into 3 parts, turn inside one third and cover it with the rest. How to smooth.
collapse it
 cut out areas
The photos show examples of simple patterns for six-pointed snowflakes. You don’t have to follow them exactly, you can cut out approximately, but you can come up with many other combinations of patterns, in any case, mini-snowflakes come out elegant and pretty.
>img src="" alt="six-pointed snowflakes" title="six-pointed snowflakes">
Multicolored small snowflakes make bright and fun holiday compositions.

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