Simple Bracelets made of yarn without knitting

Simple and originalMulti-colored yarn bracelet.

Materials and tools:

  1. wooden base for the bracelet;
  2. multicolored yarn or floss yarn
  3. Needle;
  4. double-sided tape.

Step 1

We take the blank for the bracelet and inside the center we glue a strip of double-sided tape around the entire circumference.

Removing a protective layer of adhesive tape, we first glue the end of the yarn (see photo) and begin to wrap the bracelet with yarn, tightly putting the coil to the coil.

When finished winding, thread the end of the yarn into a needle and hide it under the braid of the bracelet.

Step 2

Decorate the bracelet. We take the yarn of other colors, end the thread through a needle. We make stitches in braid with a step through one, two or more turns of the braid of the bracelet. We also hide the ends under the bracelet braid.

We make any pattern for a bracelet, use multi-colored yarn.You can add other decorations to the bracelet.

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