Simple Ribbon Roses

Roses from a ribbonis an easy way to make roses from satin ribbons from which you can make a bouquet, for example, for a wedding bouquet or a table decoration.

Materials and tools:

  1. satin ribbon;
  2. wire (20-30 cm);
  3. green ribbon for floristics or something else;
  4. needle and thread;
  5. scissors;
  6. heat gun.

Step 1

Cut off a strip of satin ribbon. On the one hand we sew with wide stitches. Lightly tighten the ribbon by pulling the string.

Align one edge of the tape and glue the wire to it using a hot melt glue gun.

Next, gently wrap the tape around the wire, while pulling the tape together with a thread. During the wrapping of the tape, we drip a little glue from the hotmelt gun.

We tie the knot and cut the ends of the thread, straighten the rosebud.

Step 2

Cut off a strip of green ribbon for floristics. We drip a little glue at the base of the bud, glue the end of the tape and wrap the wire with green tape. Glue the wire to the other end. &Nbsp;

Twist the wire slightly to give a more realistic look. You can also make leaves and other decorations for the flower.

Repeating these steps we make the right amount of roses, which we collect in a beautiful bouquet.

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