Simple knitted napkin in a difficult interior

Posted by: Marina Murashkina

Recently, I read not the only opinion about crocheted napkins, so where are they, these napkins, in our modern interior? Unfashionable, outdated, too simple and dust collected. And I just recently fell in love with them and gathered in the interior to attach them. Really so behind the times of life?

I monitored proposals for knitted napkins and realized that I was going in the right direction.

There are only three conclusions:

1. Napkin napkin - strife.

2. A simple napkin in the right hands turns into quite difficult options.

3. The modern interior is very much favored by crocheted napkins, you just need to hear what napkin and in what form your interior asks.

So let's start with the napkins. A huge variety of these gizmos, ranging from technology to form. I apologize in advance to the specialists - I am only an amateur-consumer and a full dilettante in names, terms and so on, so I will express in the language I can use. Everything is a “napkin” for me, because basically it is a connected motive, like in a napkin.

And then beauty went 🙂

There are a lot of options, from traditional thin lacy patterns to something more modern and even some alternative.

The color scale can be very various and will approach any interior request. Napkin blocks can be combined into tracks, squares and any other shape.

In my opinion, they fit perfectly into modern interiors, if there is a desire to fit in this very beautiful kind of handmade creativity.

If in the hands of a skilled craftsman with a good aesthetic look, the napkin begins to grow and grow, it turns out elegant tablecloths that can satisfy any modern request, and if the threads are thicker, then the magnificent and very fashionable rugs. Tired of knitting a rug? Seat on chair or stool 🙂

Napkins are free to leave their traditional places on the dresser or table and with pleasure (separately, in groups or elements) occupy other (creative) places.

And, of course, pouches. Everyone loves them! They live in every home, quietly lying down on sofas, beds and armchairs. And you could show off in full voice, thanks to all the same "unfashionable" napkins (or blocks of small napkins, made up in a whole pillowcase). In combination in textiles - a miracle, how good!

Still napkins can be a separate creative element of interior decor: “in a frame - and on the wall!” And small rugs and unframed perfectly, and most importantly, look very modern on the wall.

And not only on the wall - in any unexpected place these “simple” napkins and their derivatives can surprise you.

And the most advanced interior can wait for its knitted napkin to become even more advanced.

But it is his own!

Now the summary of my monitoring: wipes live the same life as other things of your interior or your wardrobe. Some models become obsolete, others from the same eyelets and columns arise, and most importantly - the look of the master, who is able to give life to “simple napkins” in an uneasy variant and the view of the buyer, who has an idea about the area of ​​modern use of these napkins in its modern interior. . Innovation is welcome, and then no one will say that a crocheted napkin is just an unnecessary dust collector.

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