Simple fabric for chain mail

A simple way to weave fabrics for making chain mail.

Designation of the color of the rings in the pictures:

  1. blue - inactive or finished rings
  2. green - the active ring, which is used to pass through other rings;
  3. red - rings through which the "green" ring passes.

Step 1

Let's get started, let's start with 4-5 chains of rings using the 2 in 1 principle.

Now we put the 2nd chains side by side, as shown in the figure, start connecting them with each other - adding rings: skipping the first rings and starting from the second - take another ring (green in the figure) and connect them to 4 rings ( the picture shows red) on chains, 2 on each of them.

Then go down below and connect the next 4 rings, and so on - until the very end.

Step 2

Take the next chain and put next. We do everything the same way as last time, we just start from the first rings.The chains are connected in a staggered manner.

After we finish everything, we get a small and dense piece of "chain mail". Continuing, you can make chain mail or some element of decor (interior) for your home.

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