Simple bird feeder

"I do not want to go into the garden!" His son whispered. Short pause (to get more air into the lungs). Suddenly, instead of the usual morning screaming and hysteria, the baby began to cry bitterly. For a moment I was transferred to his place and felt how bad and scary he was. I don’t know who I comforted, myself or a child, when I said: “Do you want me to tell you a secret?” Huge tears from the walnut stopped falling on my pajamas. Yeah, I got interested ... There are a lot of birds living in your kindergarten, - I began confidently. There was no definite plan, I just pulled time. Now it is getting colder every day, and the birds need to eat as much as possible in order not to freeze. The son listened attentively, so he calmed down. We begin to dress. The main thing - do not be silent, talk, so that again he would not think about his bitter share. Do birds eat mountain ash? ”Suggested the child. Of course! Do you know what birds love most? Seeds! And tits - fat. As a result of a long mental work the child eventually gave out: Where do they take them? Rowan grows on trees, but seeds and bacon? Their kind people are poured into the feeders.Tell me how to make the most simple? Dear, I promised that in the evening we will certainly make such an odd job. Here is the story: 1. We will need: two empty well-washed juice packs (1 liter), scissors, stapler and a piece of durable twine, wire, in a word, something that will be at hand and do not mind. In my case, these are leather laces.
 bird feeder
2. One of the boxes will be the “bottom” of the feeder, the other - the “roof.” Preparing the “bottom”. Cut a rectangular hole in one of the large walls of the box. The distance from the long side should be at least 1 cm so that the birds have a place to stay. Put the second box (“roof”) on its side and cut its sides in the middle in the following sequence: the long side, the short side, then the long side again. Here is the result:
 bird feeder
If the boxes are of different sizes, you can cut the bottom side of the" roof ", as seen in the photo:
 bird feeder
3. In four places we fasten the boxes with a stapler.If it is not at hand, you can use wire, thread.
 bird feeder
4. The final touches. Drainage - or four holes in the "bottom" of the feeder (we make them from the inside). Fasteners - or four holes along the edges in the upper rectangle of the "roof".
 bird feeder
Result! This trough is especially attractive for titmouses. Therefore, we buy lard with the baby, and we leave early each morning to feed the hungry birds. To my surprise and joy, we manage without scandals.

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