Sergey Shnurov bought an apartment for a pensioner

Not often we, alas, find out about charity in Russia, mainly about how much Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio and other famous Hollywood patrons have donated. It is even more pleasant to learn that there are those in our country who care and who are willing to help their neighbors for free. So, 79-year-old Nina Makeeva from the Bryansk region told on the talk show “Male / Female” on Channel One that she could not solve her housing problem for 30 years. She lives in the village of Lopandino in a dilapidated stable building, which was built in the XIX century, if not earlier. For many years she appealed to the local authorities with a request to solve her housing problem, but all was in vain.

After the grandmother was shown on TV, she received an anonymous transfer of half a million rubles. As it was found out, Sergey Shnurov transferred the heroine’s money - that’s how much it costs a two-room apartment in Komarichsky district, which Nina Makeyeva bought right away.

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