Secrets of algal wrap at home

Surely everyone has heard of such a procedure as a wrap. And algal wrapping is especially popular and effective. It is carried out in salon conditions, but if you know some tricks and features, you can do everything yourself and at home.

Why do we need seaweed wraps?

What effect on the body have algal wraps? Main directions:

  • This procedure is very useful for losing weight, because algae, firstly, accelerate metabolic processes, and secondly, stimulate fat burning.
  • Wraps will help get rid of such urgent for many problems as cellulite.
  • Algae contain unique substances that trigger the regeneration of the skin. In addition, the production of elastin and collagen is stimulated. As a result, the skin becomes young, beautiful, supple and fresh.
  • Wraps will help to strengthen the small vessels and thereby prevent the development of varicose veins.
  • Algae - a great way to combat edema. They literally draw out excess fluid from the tissues.
  • Since wrapping triggers tissue regeneration and speeds up metabolic processes, scars and stretch marks gradually become less noticeable.
  • In algae a lot of nutrients that fall into the skin, nourish, moisturize and strengthen it.

Which algae are used?

What are the most useful algae? Of course, this is kelp. It is used, by the way, not only for cosmetic purposes, but also for medical purposes. And still “sea cabbage” (this is one of the names of algae) can be eaten.

In the cabin use high quality algae, and these should be used at home. You can buy them in cosmetic specialized stores. They are sold in the form of powder (crushed kelp) or in the form of layers.

Indications and contraindications

Let's start with the testimony:

  • cellulite;
  • fatty deposits;
  • stretch marks;
  • scarring;
  • loose skin;
  • excessively dry skin;
  • deterioration of skin color;
  • the first signs of aging.

There are contraindications:

  • skin damage (abrasions, wounds);
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • feverish conditions;
  • pregnancy;
  • varicose veins (especially severe forms);
  • some skin diseases;
  • recent surgery or serious illness;
  • iodine allergy;
  • excess iodine in the body;
  • certain thyroid diseases, such as thyrotoxicosis;
  • hypertension in the acute stage;
  • severe diabetes.

What is required for the procedure?

To carry out the algal wrapping procedure, prepare the following devices and materials:

  • Kelp.
  • Water. It is required for soaking algae.
  • Body Scrub.
  • Nourishing cream or body lotion.
  • Food film.
  • Warm clothing, towels or blankets.


To make the procedure more effective, prepare your skin. First, steam it. For this it is best to take a hot bath. The pores of the epidermis will open, and all the beneficial substances from algae will easily penetrate into it. Secondly, clean the skin using a body scrub or folk remedies, such as salt or coffee. Cleansing will remove the dead skin particles and increase its permeability.

It is also important to prepare a place. It could be a bed or a sofa. To protect a piece of furniture from dirt, cover it with an old coverlet.

How is it done?

How to make seaweed wrap at home? There are several ways to carry out the procedure, each of them is worth to tell more.

Normal cold

Cold wrapping will help get rid of fatigue and discomfort, relieve swelling, make bruises less noticeable. Stages of the procedure:

  1. Soak the algae or powder in water at room temperature for several hours. When the kelp swells, put it on the skin without missing a single patch.
  2. Wrap food cling film, cover yourself with a blanket or towels (you can wear warm home clothes) and lie quietly for one or two hours.
  3. Remove the film, remove the algae, wash off the remnants of warm water.


Hot wrapping is more useful because it allows to increase the permeability of the skin, expand the blood vessels and improve blood circulation and blood supply.

Wrapping steps:

  1. Boil water and lightly cool it.
  2. Immerse the algae in hot water for a few minutes so that they swell.
  3. Apply the composition to the skin.
  4. Wrap food film, then warmly dress or cover yourself with a blanket.
  5. After an hour and a half, remove the algae, and wash off the remnants of warm water.


Contrast wrapping involves a combination and alternation of high and low temperatures. Such a procedure will speed up the metabolic processes and trigger the regeneration of tissues.


  1. First, conduct a hot wrap, causing hot algae on the skin, wrapped in film and covered with a blanket. An hour later, remove the composition and wash it with warm water.
  2. Then do a cold wrap. Apply cold seaweed, turn around the film and lie down for an hour.
  3. Then you can take a contrast shower.

And what after the procedure?

After the procedure, you can apply a nourishing cream that will provide intensive nutrition, moisturizing and strengthening the skin. Then it is advisable to lie down for at least half an hour and relax.

Pros and cons of the procedure

The main advantages of home algal wrapping are relatively low cost, effectiveness and ease of the procedure.

Disadvantages: the probability of buying substandard algae, contraindications, the possibility of allergic reactions.

Helpful Tips

Some tips:

  1. You can carry out combined wraps, combining algae, for example, with essential oils, clay.
  2. One algal mass can be used twice. But it can be stored no more than 4-6 days.
  3. To enhance the wrapping effect, warm the towels, clothes or blanket with a hair dryer.
  4. Perform the procedure in 1-2 days. The course includes from 10 to 20 sessions. Repeat the treatment is recommended every 2-3 months.
  5. It is best to hold a wrap at bedtime and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Pleasant and useful algal wrapping you!

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