Sausage in potatoes

Sausage in potatoesis a recipe.


  1. 4 medium potatoes cooked in a uniform
  2. 3 sausages;
  3. 2 eggs;
  4. 3-4 Art. l. flour (and some flour for breading);
  5. 1-2 cloves of garlic;
  6. vegetable oil (for frying);
  7. salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste.


Cooking potato dough for sausages

Peel potatoes, grate them. Add eggs, salt, pepper, mix thoroughly. Add flour and mix. Potato dough is ready.

Prepare Sausages

With wet hands, we knit some potato dough, spread it over the arm, put the sausage and distribute the potato dough so that it covers the sausage from all sides. We pan the obtained "stick" in flour. Similarly, we repeat for the rest of the "sticks".

Heat vegetable oil, add coarsely chopped garlic to it and roast it. Make sure that the garlic is not burnt. Garlic remove from oil. On garlic oil fry the sausage in the potatoes until a firm golden crust.We spread on paper napkins to remove excess oil.

Cut into portions and serve with your favorite sauces.

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