Repair in a small kitchen

Repair in a small kitchen.

With large kitchen facilities, you have a certain freedom in terms of modeling and placing furniture that you do not have with a small room, but they create large spaces, which makes the area less efficient for the chef.

It is generally accepted that owners of small kitchens envy the holders of large apartments! Should not be doing that! You have many advantages that they do not have.

Small Kitchen

Definitions vary by homeowner, home, region, and even country. But overall, this 2 * 3m (square meters or less) is considered the benchmark of a small kitchen.

Take control of counting and purchasing material

A small kitchen allows you to manage all procurement, transportation, lifting and unloading processes.

For example, you can install 8 square meters of ceramic tile in one weekend for a small kitchen; and laying 30 square meters of tiles can cause a lot of trouble and will require the services of professional tile pavers.The same applies to gluing wallpaper or plaster walls. All these steps must be correct and carried out qualitatively, so as not to redo it and rejoice at every visit to the kitchen.

Most rooms have an elongated shape and you are given a small number of opportunities. Forget about the placement of the kitchen island, even the display case or bar counter, may not be suitable. Instead, look at the ones that are suitable for small spaces.

Look at projects that save kitchen space. Large double sinks, large stove, double fridge, all this does not suit you. Also, think long and hard about whether you really want large appliances. Are you the only user or do you live with your spouse, are there any children and how many? Proceeding from this, choose a more economical dishwasher, refrigerator, etc .. If you have an area outside the kitchen that is available in one step (for example a pantry where you can put unnecessary household appliances, canned food, then this simplifies the task even more. / p>

  1. Define your values ​​. Along with the above tips,you really have to make hard choices. Or, who knows, sometimes it's just a choice. Is the storage location number one priority? Then you need to maximize kitchen cabinets with appliances. Do you really want a bar counter? This is possible, but you will need to donate a cooking place in order to receive this bar counter. There is nothing wrong with this, consider any options. This is your kitchen; You are allowed to make this choice as you wish!
  2. Try to choose a kitchen so that there is an opportunity to re-weight the shelves, in this regard, you can give an example of Ikea kitchens.
  3. Try to maximize the use of lower cabinets, especially their depth, because far space is rarely used and often forgotten what lies there. Therefore, use withdrawable baskets and a box.
  4. Use large floor tiles. This seems illogical, but larger floor tiles make your small kitchen larger.

Use lighter colors. When using only reflected light, direct sunlight in your kitchen, you can increase the lighting intensity in your kitchen.

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