Raw wall, what to do?

Many people face the problem of damp and darkened walls and corners. Damp walls and corners occur both in apartments and in houses. The causes of damp walls are different, it comes from peeling wallpaper, heavy air in the room, from temperature changes in the autumn-winter period. Clear black and darkened corner is very simple and cheap, and you can do it at home. This will require furatsilin, which is sold in any pharmacy and is worth a "penny". The composition of furatsilina includes: furatsilin, novocaine, ethyl alcohol. Furacilin is a bactericidal drug.
 black wall what to do
In order to clear the blackening on the walls and corners and thereby kill the bacteria (as is known, blackening is a fungus) need : - furatsilin (in tablets); - warm water; - brush; - towel (or rag); - capacity for solution (bucket or bowl). Take a small container, pour warm water (not very hot), about one liter, throw one tablet furatsilin and help her dissolve (you can pre-her ceiling).Then we take a rag (towel), put it in the solution and apply it on the damaged wall or corner. After that we dip the brush into the solution and assiduously clean it, in order to see the result we wipe it with a dry towel, that area where we cleaned it. And we continue to clean further, until the result is obtained. It won't take long.
 black wall what to do
The result will please you!

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