Polymer clay basket

Polymer clay basket- we make a small basket from polymer clay, inside which you can put, for example, flowers also made of clay. The master class is suitable for co-creation with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. polymer clay;
  2. board for sculpting;
  3. fine wire;
  4. toothpick;
  5. something oval, for example, an egg from a kinder.

Step 1

We take polymer clay and roll a lot of tubes. Next, lay out the tubes on the egg (see figure). Roll out the toothpick clay - get the bottom. The basis for weaving is ready.

Remove the stem from the egg. We roll a long tube out of clay and weave a basket.

Now we'll make a handle for the basket. Bite off a small piece of wire, wrap it with its clay in a spiral. Give the wire a handle shape and stick it to the base of the basket.

At the end bake the clay according to the package instructions.

All,polymer clay basketis ready.

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