Penguin Paper Bookmark

This is thecute and charming bookmark of Pingvinenok for children's books and albumswill be folded from a regular sheet of paper. Doesn't it turn out just great and the kids will like it and will enjoy not only the result, but the process itself.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored paper;
  2. scissors;
  3. glue.

Step 1

And so everything is in order. Take a sheet of black paper and cut a square out of it. Fold a square diagonally to form an isosceles triangle.

Now we fold, take the bottom corner and apply it to the top of the triangle, we also do it from a different angle, iron it along the fold line - we get a rhombus. We are rolling back.

Go to the top of the triangle: take the corner of the upper layer and bend it to the center of the long side of the triangle - it turned out a kind of pocket.

Back we fold the corners, as we did a little bit earlier, only now we’ll wrap the corners inside the pocket.

It turned out the basis of the bookmark, you can actually do anything from it - leave it as it is, draw little faces or something else, but now we’ll do the penguin.

Here it is simple: cut out the abdomen and eyes from white paper, draw pupils on the eyes. From orange - legs and spout.

Everything is glued to the base of the bookmark. That is such a sweetheart Penguin-bookmark we have turned out.

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